Why work with a broker to sell your home?

In today’s market, there are any number of ways to sell your property, whether on your own, with a “commission-free” agency or with the help of a professional broker. Here are a few reasons why we believe working with a broker is your best bet:

Selling a property is a big deal. Not only is it expensive, it can be complicated. Why go at it alone? Teaming up with a professional broker means you will be better informed and better represented on the market.
Brokers not only have access to detailed information on the broker database Centris, they also have the experience and knowledge to analyse all of this market information and make sense of it for you.
The network of brokers in Montreal, although broad, is tight-knit. It is not uncommon that a deal will be closed before being publicly announced, through brokers who are able to efficiently match their buyers’ and sellers’ needs.
You may already have a price in mind for your property, but is it the right price? An experienced broker will be able to analyse market trends in your neighbourhood, the specifics of your property, as well as your objectives in order to determine the best price.
In an ideal world, you would get only offers at your full asking price, or who knows, maybe even more! In reality, there is often a negotiation process with one or sometimes multiple buyers. In working with a broker, he or she will ensure that your interests are best represented, all the while respecting the objectives of the buyer. In a good negotiation, both sides should come out feeling like they got a good deal.

Why work with Martin Desjardins?

So you’re sold on the idea of working with a broker, maybe you’ve even met a few by now. Who is going to work best for you? Here are a few reasons why we believe Martin Desjardins has an edge on the competition:

Unlike most brokers, Martin completed a university degree in Commerce and is a Chartered Broker, having completed extensive training with the OACIQ, which only approximately 24% of brokers in Quebec can claim.
You will never catch Martin losing his cool, looking sloppy or misrepresenting you or your property. When working with Martin, no matter how busy he may be, you will get the impression that you are his only client. Check out his video blogs for an idea of his approach – what you see is what you get!
Flyering a neighbourhood with brochures and taking out print newspaper ads to sell your home, while not entirely useless, are going the way of the Dodo bird. Martin has a deep understanding and enthusiasm for maximizing today’s digital marketing tools to sell your home.
If you are looking to sell a home in Mile End or Outremont, it will interest you to know that Martin has been living in the neighbourhood for nearly 10 years, and has been a homeowner for XX years. His close ties, both personally and professionally, give him a strong network, as well as an authentic understanding of buyer and seller needs in these neighbourhoods.

Marketing your home with Martin Desjardins?

Martin Desjardins and his team of real estate and marketing professionals will create a dedicated marketing campaign to sell your home, featuring the latest targeted digital tactics and the most effective face-to-face traditional sales and marketing techniques.

Good marketing is all about good content. We’ll create professional images and copywriting to show your property in its best light:
Professional HDR photographs
Video property tour
Snappy copywriting to fully describe your property’s best features
Property launch on Centris and MLS databases
Signage in front of your property
Dedicated web page for your property on anthonycristiano.ca
Unique website for your home ex: www.youraddress.info
8-page printed colour brochure distributed… XXXXXX
Dedicated Google Adwords campaigns
Social media posting on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn
Sutton newspaper print ads
Local newspaper print ads
Tasteful, on-trend home staging
Broker caravans
Visits with potential buyers
Open houses
Sounds like what you need to sell your home?